The Bronzes of Goumenissa


A musical feast of clarinet, drums, trumpets and trombones in Goumenissa.

The famous “Bronzes of Goumenissa” first appeared in the early 20th century in Western Macedonia and the Balkans.

No one can resist their explosive and “bronze” sound, which testifies to their Balkan imprint.

There are about 200 musicians in Goumenissa today.

Bands usually come from members of the same family, as the musical tradition is passed down from generation to generation. From the oldest who were self-taught musicians, to the youngest who study music.

The tradition of bronze in Goumenissa states that the French allies who were present during the First World War, when they left the area, buried their bronze instruments in a field. A few years later, they were accidentally discovered by some farmers, and around 1920 they began to use them.

Impressive for the visitor is the presence of “Bronze” in the procession of the Epitaph every Good Friday while at every opportunity of a local festival the “Bronze” with their Balkan sound will enchant you!

The Bronzes of Goumenissa