Wine Roads


Delicious, and quality wines of the region that mature after the harvest of grapes from the vast vineyards.

In the axis Axioupolis – Goumenissa – Fyliria you can visit beautiful wineries, taste the famous wines and learn everything about the vintage and wine tourism.

The area of ​​Goumenissa is also an important part of the Wine Route Pella – Goumenissa, one of the routes of the Wine Routes of Northern Greece.

Goumenissa is the epicenter of the red dry wine PDO (OPAP) Goumenissa, which in addition to xinomavro also contains the local red variety Negosca.

Wine Roads
Wine Roads

Since 2009 the vineyard of Goumenissa and Evropos also produce the wines PGI Plagies Paikou (Local Wine of Plagia Paikou).

In the areas of the villages of Eidomeni, Plagia, Skra, Fanos and Chamilo of Axioupolis, the cultivation of the variety – hybrid tsapourno is very widespread.

After your tour of the archeological and historical treasures of the area but also after your entertainment in the wonderful Paiko, the wine tasting is your best choice to enjoy your trip.


An excellent winery that enchants the visitor thanks to its delicious wines and its very well-kept space. The vineyards at Chatzivaritis Estate also belong to the production area of ​​red dry wines of Designation of Origin of Superior Quality Goumenissa. The red varieties Xinomavro and Negoska are cultivated in the main volume of the vineyards. The estate is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Paiko and on hills with gentle slopes at an altitude of more than 150 m, while the vineyards are not irrigated and their yield is about 1 ton per year.

Tel: 2343041236 /2310215259


Οινοποιΐα Χατζηβαρύτης

Φώτος: Γιάννης Ψαθάς


A well-kept winery that awaits visitors in the area between Axioupolis and Pigi, leads visitors to the magical world of wine.

The winery produces a remarkable variety of organic wines and offers guests unforgettable experiences of taste and memory.

Οινοποιΐα Ακροθέα


Sakalaki Winery Founded in 1922 in Plagia, Paionia.

It is a family winery with a long successful course, which constantly follows the modern methods of cultivating the vineyards and producing fine wines.

A visit to the winery offers a unique experience in the magical world of wine.

Tel: 6943883363

Οινοποιία Σακαλάκη



Intertwined with the wine tradition, the name “Aidarini”, when heard, brings to mind the family winery. Since the end of the 19th century, the Aidarini family has been successfully involved in the production of wine and tsipouro. In the tasting room, which visitors can see up close, are kept manuscripts of the great-grandfather of the family dating from 1880.

Tel: 23430 42939

Οινοποιείο Αϊδαρίνη


The vineyards in Ktima Tatsi belong to the production zone of Designation of Origin and give the wine of Designation of Origin of Superior Quality Goumenissa (OPAP). The estate is located at the foot of Mount Paikos and the vineyards “see” the Axios river.

Tel/ Fax: 23430 41053

Κτήμα Τάτση


The winery has been located in Polykastro since 2012. It is a vertical production unit where small wines are made from grapes of fine varieties produced in our privately owned vineyards. Our goal is to combine traditional vinification with modern. The low acreage yield, the favorable microclimate and the know-how help us to harmoniously create separate products.

The white varieties that are cultivated are Malagouzia, Assyrtiko and the red ones, Xinomavro, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. Depending on the year, vinification is done either of the variety itself or a combination of them for the purpose of immediate disposal or the aging of our products.



For more than 30 years, the Boutari family has been producing the Goumenissa Boutari, Kava Boutari, Sauvignon Blanc Boutari and Filiria labels from organically grown grapes grown in the privately owned vineyard.

The winery offers a rare experience to visitors, as it has modern equipment and a well-designed space.

Tel/ Fax: 23430 41989