Magical Paionia


Welcome to the magical Paionia of the amazing “presents”

In Paionia where there is the beautiful Paiko, with the infinite natural beauty and the picturesque settlements.

In Paionia of ancient Europe, of Seleucus I Nicator, of the glorious Skra, of silk and Chrysallida, of the bronzes band of Goumenissa, of the wines of Goumenissa, of the Ottoman bath of Polykastro, of the Museum of Natural History of Axiopolis, rose plantations, vineyards,chestnut forests, the Axios river, the blue lake, the mining lake, the folklore museums.

In Paionia of the picturesque historical settlements, the cultural events and the wealthy gastronomy.

In Paionia of war monuments from the Balkan wars and the First and Second World Wars.

Nature, Paiko
Horseriding games

In Paionia of beautiful Holy temples and the great holy monasteries.

In Paionia, above all, of the hospitable people.

Your visit is a challenge for your senses as your archeological walks are connected with the local tasting, with the respite in nature and with the entertainment.

Your visit is useful for enriching the world of your experiences, as the revival of the glorious local history is connected with the sounds of the bronze musical instruments in the squares and the Byzantine tradition in the beautiful sacred temples.

Walk in the footsteps of the Vottians, the Peons, the Seleucus, the Allied Troops. Follow the paths of Silk, Decoville, and indulge in the magic of a Paradise, get ready to be revealed to you.


To reach the beautiful Paionia and enjoy the paths in nature, the wonderful wines, its archeological walk and its historical and cultural treasures.

Πως θα έρθετε στην Παιονία
From Thessaloniki

If you are coming from Thessaloniki, follow the road to Edessa. At Agios Athanasios, take the exit for Evzoni / Polykastro.

The route is relaxing and the magical treasure you will discover in Paionia will reward you!

From Athens

If you are coming from Athens, follow the national road to Thessaloniki, after the tolls of Malgara you exit at Evzoni and continue for 40 km.

At the exit for Polykastro you are already at your destination.

From Evzoni

Evzoni border station is the second largest transport hub in Greece, through which more than 6 million passengers pass annually and ends at the main highway of the country, A1 (PATHE).

If you are coming from the Balkans or Central and Northern Europe by road, your passage is necessary to reach Peonia.