For the construction of our tourist website that aims to highlight our area and strengthen the tourist flow, we warmly thank those who worked with us and volunteered our team of partners to provide photographic material, video and information in order to enrich it.

Their offer was valuable.

In detail, we thank very much:

    • The Ephorate of Antiquities of Kilkis and the Head Mrs. Georgia Stratouli
    • The President of the Municipal Community of Axiopolis Mr. Kyros Kalavazis
    • The Association of Anatolikoromyliotes of Polykastro and Mrs. Sofia Tatsioudi
    • The President of the Society for Asia Minor Studies and Research, Mr. Apostolos Karagiannopoulos
    • The Axiochori Culture Association and the President Mr. Angelos Anastasiadis
    • The former Mayor of Evropos Mr. Makis Kourtzanidis
    • Christos Indos
    • The General Hierarchical Commissioner of the Holy Metropolis of Goumenissi, Axioupolis & Polykastro, First Elder Ignatios G. Kalogerakis
    • Deacon Christodoulos Papakostas, Project manager, ipma, Office of Strategic Development Planning and Communication of I.M. Goumenissis, Axioupolis and Polykastro
    • The author and English language teacher Mrs. Maria-Hassapi-Sidera
  • The administrator of the blog “Sta Plagia Paionias” Mr. Theodoros Borakis
  • The lieutenant colonel of the Navy, amateur videographer – photographer Mr. Konstantinos Fotis
  • The Coordinator of the Educational Project PE82 of Mechanical Engineers PE.K.ES. Western Greece – Peloponnese – amateur videographer-photographer Mr. Konstantinos Gertzos
  • The amateur photographer Mr. Nikos Makris
  • The citizen of Paionia, Mr. Domna Stergiou
  • The Municipal employee Mr. Κostas Athanasiadis
  • The Representative of the Cultural Association of Polypetro, Mr. Vicky Kitsouki
  • The Representative of the Cultural Association of Ryzion Mr. Vassilis Petridis


The Head of the Tourism Promotion Team of the Municipality of Paionia

Christos Draganidis

Municipal Councilor of Paionia

Website organization – Tourism marketing

Maria Papadimitriou
Maria Mantzioli